The Cutest Winter Nail Ideas to Inspire Your Next Manicure

Winter is coming, and that only means one thing: nail art! Winter nail ideas will make you feel cozy, and they’ll make you look like a rainbow god! Whether you’re looking to be prepared for the cold months ahead or want to decorate your nails with festive designs, these Winter nail designs are sure to inspire.

Winter is a great time of the year to get your nails done. Indeed, there is something so warm and inviting about white and navy nail polish. But, if you want to go all out, try a different color on your nails. Why not try a fun polka dot design, a glittery coat, or a graphic design? And, if you want to go all out, try a different color on your nails. Here are some fancy designs and ideas for winter nails you will love to try. Let’s get started!

1. Brown Bronze Chrome Winter Nail Ideas

The brown Bronze almond is a classic design that has been around for quite some time. Also, it is one of those classic designs that never go out of style as long as women prefer brown nail ideas.

Glossy Brown Bronze Chrome Winter Nail Design with Two Accent Snowflake Nails is The Best of Winter Nail Ideas
Credit: Instagram@hart.nails

Also, you can choose simplicity by wearing brown chrome on plain nails. Of course, brown nail color can work great for any winter manicure.

Short Square brown chrome nails which are perfect winter nails 2021
Credit: Instagram@onyxspaandlaser

2. Sophisticated Sage Green and Gold Winter Nail Design

This winter, be prepared to have your nails done in your favorite colors such as sage green and gold. Whether it’s a subtle pink, minty green, aqua blue, metallic brown, gold, or silver, you will find it all in the Winter nail designs. So, it’s time to create some exquisite designs the world over.

Short Sage Green and Gold Winter Nail Design is One of the Cutest Winter Nail Ideas to Try
Credit: Instagram@ninabrowsandbeauty

3. Plaid Winter Nail Ideas

Winter is coming. Not just that, it’s coming fast, leaving us with some of the coldest days of the year. That’s why you should start thinking about how you can protect your nails from the cold weather. Be sure to choose the right nail polish that is the perfect match for your outfit. And since it’s about to be very cold. So, it will be fun to try a nice nail art design such as plaid nails.

Long Square Plaid Winter Nails with Snowflakes, and Gold Glitter Accents
Credit: Instagram@missisnailss

Another green and gold plaid nail design is gorgeous and suits Christmas vibes too. Also, you can try this nail art at home.

Short green and gold plaid nails that considered a perfect winter nails 2021 Idea
Credit: Instagram@melliesjellies

4. Classy White and Nude Winter Nail Design

If you’re a fan of the 3-2-1 manicure, you’ll want to check out these Winter Nails for a classy white and nude Winter Nail design.

Classy Stiletto White and Nude Winter Nails 2021 with Snowflakes and a Single Rhinestone on Accent Nail
Credit: Instagram@home_of_deva

5. Winter Purple and Gold Nails

One of the trendiest winter nails is purple and gold nails. It seems so simple, but it makes for a great look. Of course, it’s low maintenance since you only need to paint your nails once every two weeks, but it still looks classy enough for any event. Besides, you will never go wrong with purple nails.

Short Winter Purple and Gold Nails with Pink Rose Earth Grey Accent Nail
Credit: Instagram@beautyathart_

6. Classy Blue Winter Nails

For those who enjoy the coffin nail shape and don’t mind a bit of color, we have a special treat for you! This winter, we’re all about the blue manicure! The sweet, gentle hue is an easy way to brighten up your nails and achieve a look that feels more sophisticated than a plain manicure.

Classy Long Coffin Blue Winter Nails with Blue Glitter, Snowflakes, and Plaid Nails
Credit: Instagram@denofsixdesigns

7. Black and Silver Winter Nail Ideas

Indeed, black and silver is a timeless combination, and we can’t get enough of it this winter. So grab your winter nail polish, and let’s get inspired!

Short black and silver nails 2021 are perfect winter nails to wear this season
Credit: Instagram@nailsbypaulin

Another classy black and silver glitter nail design you should try and you will never regret it. Of course, you can apply these unique nails with a little effort at home.

Medium coffin black and silver nails are perfect as winter nails
Credit: Instagram@nailsby_trin

8. Long Velvet Matte Brown Nails

Of course, matte nail art designs have special admiration and this masterpiece has no exception. I love the white snowflakes over the glitter. Also, the accent bronze glitter nail elevates the design’s uniqueness.

Long Velvet Matte Brown Nails with Glitter and Two Big White Snowflakes on Accents
Credit: Instagram@puro.nails

9. Black Coffin Nail Art Design

Indeed, dark colors suit the winter season but black is the most classy color shade. Besides black nails can match any winter outfit perfectly. For more inspiration check our previous post”Best Black Coffin Nails with Design Ideas“.

Black Coffin Nail Art Design with Glitter, Snowflakes, and Accent Matte Black Nail with Gold Foil
Credit: Instagram@sandragiera

10. Gorgeous Gray Nails with Black Flecks

Still, the gray nail color attracts many women to wear it. This wintery color reminds us of rainy clouds. So, the gray color is a perfect match for winter vibes. Besides gray goes with almost any other color.

Gorgeous Almond Gray Nails with Black Flecks, Rhinestones, and Two Accent Silver Glitter Nails
Credit: Instagram@nailacuv

11. Classy Nude Color Plaid Winter Nail Ideas

If you are looking for unique nails for the winter season and Christmas occasion then this nail set is perfect for you. Also, you can try these simple nails at home with little effort.

Classy Nude Almond Plaid Winter Nails with Accent Reindeer Horns and Red Heart Shape
Credit: Instagram@majamarkowicz

12. Charming Orchid Coffin Nails with Glitter

Indeed, these light purple nails are fabulous. I’m in love with these sparkling snowflakes, rhinestones, and the accent glitter ring fingernail. Also, this nail art design color suits any skin tone.

Charming Light Purple Coffin Nails with Glitter, Rhinestones, and Snowflakes on Accents
Credit: Instagram@sandragiera

13. Cute Matte Black French Winter Nail Design

Still, matte black nail art is so attractive where ever you see it. So, these matte black French tip nails combined with white snowflakes on two matte black accents are going to catch all eyes.

Cute Matte Black Coffin French Winter Nail Design with Tow Snowflakes Accents
Credit: Instagram@amanda.sudolll
Coffin Matte Black French Tip Nails with Two Matte Black Coffin Nails with White Snowflakes for Winter 2021/2022

14. Winter Forest Nail Design

Of course, winter is the best time of the year to wear amazing themed nails! So, you can wear cute nails to celebrate Christmas or New Year, cute nails to show your love to your beloved ones, or to show your love for nature. What is more, winter is the best time to do your acrylic manicure.

Long Stiletto Winter Themed Forest Nail Design
Credit: Instagram@malinsnagelkonst

15. Ice Queen Coffin Winter Nails

Indeed, you will agree with me that this nail art design is a masterpiece. I’m a big fan of light blue nail color so, I admire this shimmer ice blue, especially when complemented with encapsulated snowflakes.

Ice Queen Coffin Winter Nails 2022 with encapsulated Snowflakes, Rhinestones, and Blue Glitter
Credit: Instagram@nailsbyjanine.x

16. Gorgeous Blue Coffin Winter Nail Ideas

These blue nail art designs by “kessyjones.nails_beauty” are masterpieces. Indeed, I’m a big fan of any blue color shades so, I’m in love with this different matte blue shades design below.

Long different matte blue coffin winter nails 2022
Credit: Instagram@kessyjones.nails_beauty

Another, gorgeous blue nail design but this time in an ice blue shade. As you see the design is adorned with silver glitter, white snowflake, and rhinestones.

Ice blue coffin winter nails that adorned with silver glitter, white snowflake, and rhinestones.
Credit: Instagram@kessyjones.nails_beauty

Indeed, most women love to wear blue ombre nails all year round but this ice-blue ombre nail design is a perfect choice for cold days. So, it’s a good decision to try this nail design.

Ice blue ombre coffin winter nails with glitter on accent nude color nail
Credit: Instagram@kessyjones.nails_beauty

17. Blue Winter Nails

To make blue winter nails festive, you should try adding snowflakes. You can also apply gold strips and tone or two gold glitter accent nails. Indeed, this combination looks elegant and stylish. Besides, this is one of the most popular winter nail designs.

Blue Winter Nails with Snowflakes, Gold Strips, and Gold Glitter Accent
Credit: Instagram@sandragiera

18. Winter Blue Ombre Nails

Long almond-shaped glitter blue ombre nails with snowflakes and glitter for the winter season
Credit: Instagram@hybrydynka_

Glittery blue ombre nails with snowflakes are the perfect way to add some fun to your look. In addition, adding a little glitter to the nail tips will help elevate your style.

19. Short Wine Red Nails

Short almond shaped wine red nails with gold glitter on French accent nails for the winter season
Credit: Instagram@monika__nails

Indeed, the wine red color of your nails can be paired with the metallic finish of a gold polish to create the shattered glass effect. Besides, it is a trendy look, especially for the winter season.

20. Winter Babyboomer Nails

Winter babyboomer nails with glitter, rhinestones, snowflakes, and sweater nail art
Credit: Instagram@crystalnailshu

Baby Boomer nails are a trendy and classy look. Besides, this nail trend can suit anyone. So, you can go for an elegant and simple look with glitter, rhinestones, snowflakes, and sweater nail art.

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