The Best Christmas Nails Ideas for Celebration

The new year is almost near, but before that, we have Christmas! I love Christmas. I love how bright and colorful the world becomes. Before the 25th, we prepare food, gifts, and maybe even fireworks. Many people dress up for Christmas, and some of them also get their nails done for the occasion. And you might be here for that reason. Are you having a hard time choosing the perfect Christmas nails?

Whether you are looking for a fun design to wear to the office or just want to celebrate the season, Christmas nail art can be a perfect way to spread a little cheer. You can choose from a wide array of designs to match your personality and nail length. Don’t worry because we have found some cute nail ideas for Christmas, right below!

1. Pink and Red Christmas Nails

Cute almond shaped pink and red Christmas nails 2020 with two accent candy cane and snowflake nails idea for celebration!
Credit: Instagram@adriannawysocka

The first recommended Christmas nails look very girly and fun. Besides, the design for the thumb is very similar to another nail design that is very popular on many social media platforms. Also, they are called candy cane nails. I love the simple color combination; pink and red really get along! I would actually love to get my nails done like this just for Christmas.

2. Red White Snowflake Nails

Cute red white snowflake nails 2020 almond shaped with two accent Christmas balls and gold glitter nails design!
Credit: Instagram@anna_nail_art

Christmas nails are nothing without the signature snowflake design. In this nail design, you can see that there are also little Christmas tree balls on each ring finger, and the gold is occupying the pinky. In addition, the snowflakes are simply painted white with a bold red for the nail’s base. Of course, you can definitely see and feel Christmas from this nail art design.

3. Royal Blue Winter Nails for Christmas

Gorgeous long almond matte royal blue Christmas nails 2020 with accent silver nail and rhinestones.
Credit: Instagram@_mejzi

As for this nail design, it has a very powerful and bright shade of blue. I am not a big fan of nails that are blue, especially when they are in this shade. I honestly think that they are just not my color. But a lot of people can rock the color blue in any shade, so if you are this type of person, go ahead and try this nail design. Additionally, the designs for each nail are very simple, but when you look at the ring finger, it has a very detailed design.

4. Red and Green Glitter Christmas Nails

Cute Square shaped red and green glitter Christmas nails 2020 design
Credit: Instagram@beautycaretoni_nicole

I think that this is the simplest Christmas nail design on this list. Also, you can really see that this is meant for Christmas times. Indeed, everything about it just screams Christmas. Although, not my favorite, I would love to try it. Also, it has the colors red, green, white, and a little bit of yellow. So, if you like things simple but bright and colorful, this is the perfect one for you.

5. Dark Green Christmas Nails With Gold Glitter

Cute dark green Christmas nails with gold glitter and accent red nail design for Christmas 2020!
Credit: Instagram@theavenuehairandnails

Indeed, this is one of the best shades of evergreen, and the red and glittery gold just compliments the color. So, I think this is a great choice for nail art design for adults. The choice of colors just gives me that kind of vibe. Also, these are the type of nails that you’d have while drinking hot chocolate in front of a fireplace. I love how they’re a Christmas tree ball on of the evergreen painted nails. Because it doesn’t make the nail design empty, and instead of giving it more identity.

6. Cute Little Snowman Christmas nails

Cute little snowman Christmas nails 2020 with accent glitter nail, accent sweater nail, accent black snowflake nail design!
Credit: Instagram@nailstudiobytom

I love snowmen! I just love them a lot, and I think this is one of my favorites so far. It also has different designs on each fingernail. As you can see, there are glitters, more snowflakes, a snowman, and a Christmas sweater nail. Also, I find it interesting how the color black was added to this nail design. So, I highly recommend you try this one. Also, I think this would fit any person.

7. Office Work Christmas Nails

Cute red green gold Christmas nails 2020 with accent plaid nail for Christmas celebration 2020!
Credit: Instagram@_mejzi

These nails give me the same vibe as the Red and Evergreen Christmas nails, well, kind of. It also looks very simple but not boring; the combination of colors with this accent plaid nail is also the same though the glittery gold shows a bit more. I think that this would look much better if your nails are shorter and had straight ends.

8. The Snowflake Christmas Nails

Cute almond shaped red Christmas snowflake nails 2020 design.
Credit: Instagram@_mejzi

As for this design, it doesn’t really stand out from the rest. It looks like very simple red Christmas-themed nails. I think they also used metallic red for the middle finger. I like how there is Santa Claus’ popular big “HO”, you can also see that there is a snowflake again. Nothing really much to say about it. If you are a big fan of the color red, this is perfect for you.

9. Cozy with The Reindeer Christmas nails

Cute matte coffin shaped Cozy with The Reindeer Christmas nails 2020 with accent matte brown snowflake nail design
Credit: Instagram@_mejzi

This is my favorite nail art design of all the others. I like brown with a cream color. There are big reindeer and snowflakes to complement the colors. I highly recommend this one. I also recommend cutting your nails shorter for this design if your nails are at this length.

10. Baby Blue Penguin Nails Art

Cute Baby Blue Penguin Nails Art with two accent snowflake nails 2020 for celebration!
Credit: Instagram@_mejzi

We have another blue Christmas nails design. Nothing much really, the shade of blue is much calmer, and I’d pick this over the first blue nails. I also like how there is a little penguin on the middle finger like the reindeer. They also have white snowflakes, which makes the nails less empty. I recommend teens try these cute Christmas penguin nails.

11. Dark Red and Green Christmas Nails Idea

Cute short almond dark red and green Christmas nails 2020 idea
Credit: Instagram@beautycaretoni_nicole

Another festive red and green Christmas nail design that feels you Christmas vibes wherever you go. I love the gold, red, and green glitter, which makes this design super festive and enjoyable.

12. Red Christmas Nails with Glitter Idea

Cute red Christmas nails 2020 almond shaped with three accent white snowflake, candy cane, and gold glitter nails!
Credit: Instagram@amanda.sudolll

Red Christmas nail designs are so attractive and feminine, and I think this red nail set will attract your admiration, and you will love to try it this season.

13. Blue White Christmas Nail Design

Stunning velvet blue cobalt colored coffin nails with white snowflakes and two accent quilted white nails for Christmas 2020!
Credit: Instagram@_mejzi

Indeed, these are stunning velvet blue cobalt-colored coffin nails with white snowflakes and two accents of quilted white nails. So, it’s time to go for this Christmas nail design and shine like a star.

14. Red and Green Christmas Nails

Red and Green Christmas Nails with Christmas Lights and Presents on Two Accent Nude Nails
Credit: Instagram@nagelsucht

Indeed, red and green Christmas nails are a great way to add a little cheer to your manicure during the holiday season. So, you can have a simple, classic style, or create an intricate design. But these cute Christmas almond nails above are festive enough for Christmas.

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