The Best Christmas Candy Cane Nails to Try This Year

If you’re going to a holiday party or just want to add a little sparkle to your fingers, candy cane nails are a fun way to get festive. Also, they are also very simple to create. Besides, the classic design uses red and white shades. You can also add glitter for more sparkling.

Christmas Day is fast approaching. Holidays are great to celebrate with your loved ones. However, don’t forget to pamper yourself, too. Are you thinking of getting nail art for this season? Here is the list of new ideas for candy cane nail design. Give it a try!

1. Red and Silver Candy Cane Nails Idea

Cute short glittery red and silver candy cane nails 2020 design for Christmas celebration
Credit: Instagram@saileste.nails

Red is one of the color spirits of Christmas. It makes a great look for your nails. It can attract your visitors and expect them to say. “Wow, what a perfect choice!” Always be attractive and look stunning with this candy cane nail art.

2. Christmas Geometric Candy Cane Nails

Cute stiletto red and green candy cane nails 2020 idea for Christmas celebration
Credit: Instagram@nailsonpoiint

With all the things you can see during the Christmas season, why not put it into a design? Snowflakes, Christmas trees, garlands, etc., anything you want, let’s put it into an art. A great combination of red, green, and silver will make your nails a perfect one for this season.

3. Matte Hue can be perfect too

Cute round matte red candy cane nails 2020 design for Christmas party
Credit: Instagram@barbrafeszyn

Who says matte shade is not for Christmas? Look, this one is just as simple as you are but still an elegant one. Snowman is a perfect design for your nails too. Let’s make it more simple with white curves and make it as pretty as you are.

4. Luxury Shades of Blue and Gray

Coffin shaped blue and gray candy cane nails 2020 with rhinestones for Christmas dinner
Credit: Instagram@nail.chronicles

Are you okay with your nails undone? I guess you are not. You need to look for candy cane nails and get them done before Christmas dinner. Try this candy cane nail art. It won’t disappoint you. With a splash of blue and gray, you will always be happy with its results.

5. Perfect Combination of Nude Color and White

Long coffin shaped Christmas nails 2020 consist of glitter nails, two accent sweater and candy cane nails for Christmas 2020
Credit: Instagram@nailsonpoiint

A nude color shade expresses itself, and white means pure intention. Be yourself and try this one. Christmas is still a happy one with this kind of hue. Be bold enough to conquer and give thanks for this year. A Christmas with great nail art is a thing now. You will always feel your worth and be blessed with many things around you. Be confident enough and try this cute nail art.

So are you done browsing these designs? Try to choose the best one that can suit your personality this season. Never be afraid to try a new one. Great things matter, and having self-love with a great manifestation of a manicure is always a top priority. Look good and be thankful for the things you have this Christmas –it can be your cute nail art for this season.

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