37 Best Spring Nails to Inspire Your Next Manicure

Nail art is no ordinary decoration for your nails. They are part of your personality, and you can opt for some fabulous spring nail designs. The primrose and the cherry blossom are among the most beautiful spring nail ideas. The primroses are colorful and cheerful, while the cherry blossoms are beautiful. Spring is when we all start thinking about fresh, clean nails.

From the vibrant, dazzling colors of the fall to the pastel shades of the Spring, we have so many nail choices to pick from what suits you. So, it is time to shine with the brightest, most vibrant nail colors for Spring! Spring is in full swing, and every woman is looking for the perfect spring nail designs.

The Coolest Spring Nail Designs for Inspiration
The Coolest Spring Nail Designs for Inspiration

There are plenty of nail art options available, but we want to look forward to the new trends and nail art styles in five years. So, we are looking forward to The Coolest Spring Nails and the design trends around then.

1. Pink Butterfly Hand Drawing Spring Nails

We have all watched the butterfly with its beautiful and colorful wings flying freely in the Spring sky, and it’s an inspiring sight. However, with the new beauty of Spring comes the annoying tendency to pluck out your nail polish, which can easily snap and break. Therefore, we have developed an alternate way to present your nails, which doesn’t require you to use nail polish.

You would now know how to draw your butterfly nail, which would look more elegant than the usual butterfly nail design.

Long Coffin matte pink French tip nails with hand-painted black butterflies with pink glitter design - Spring Nail Designs
Credit: Instagram@hnnailsbyhoney

2. Colorful Spring Nail Designs

Whether short, medium, or long nail designs, you can find trendy and beautiful nail design that suits you. Wearing long nail designs gives a feminine touch to your look.

Long square matte ombre colorful spring nails 2022 design - Cool Spring Nail Designs
Credit: Instagram@amanda.sudolll

Also, you can try the glossy version if you don’t like matte colors. Indeed, rainbow ombre spring nail designs are worth trying!

Long square glossy ombre colorful spring nails
Credit: Instagram@amanda.sudolll
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Long coffin matte multicolor ombre French spring nails idea - Stunning Spring Nail Designs
Credit: Instagram@brendaxnails

3. Pastel Green Color Spring Nails

Choosing the right shade of polish is challenging, especially if you try to match a specific color to a particular outfit. However, if you are looking for an option to make your nails stand out from the crowd, try a pastel color. Pastels were the big trend for Spring for nail art and a good reason! They are an awesome way to inject a subtle pop of color into your nails. Besides, the softer tones of pastels will make your nails look more feminine and delicate.

Long coffin mint green spring nails with glitter, French tip, and floral accents
Credit: Instagram@kessyjones.nails_beauty

4. Cute Butterfly Spring Nail Designs

If you are looking for the loveliest and cutest butterfly spring nail designs for your nails, then you are in the right place. We have collected all the best butterfly spring nail designs for you, along with the best flower nail designs for Spring.

Long coffin pink ombre spring nails with butterfly and glitter design - Classy Spring Nail Designs
Credit: Instagram@vinanailshouston
Long square bright yellow spring French tip nails with a butterfly on two accents and adorned with glitter and rhinestones
Credit: Instagram@sang_nails_top

5. Pink Spring Nails Design

Spring is finally here, and it’s time for floral spring nail designs! It’s time for different kinds of flowers and for creating some unique nail art designs. Also, it’s time to try to make your nails look as different from everyone else as possible.

Long pink spring nails with two accent flower nails with nude base color - Easy Spring Nail Designs
Credit: Instagram@a_angelika31

6. Light Blue Spring Nail Designs

The trendiest nail designs often come with a lofty price tag, but not all of them are worth the hassle. Suppose you intend to make a fashion statement or look good in a picture. In that case, you might be better off sticking to a less expensive alternative. But if you’re looking to make a statement, try the light blue nails.

Medium coffin spring light blue nails with rhinestones on two nude accents one of them has floral nail art
Credit: Instagram@b_dazzledbeauty
Medium almond nude base color butterfly spring nails with two accent light blue nails
Credit: Instagram@matuszewsk.a

7. Flowering Pink Pastel Spring Nails

Sure, you can’t see them in the winter, but springtime is the perfect time to wear some pretty manicures. Whether it’s for a date night or a special occasion. Of course, you can’t go wrong with pastel spring nail designs.

Cute long almond pastel pink spring nails with floral nail art on nail tips - Floral Spring Nail Designs
Credit: Instagram@puro.nails

8. Long Spring Flower Nails Design

Nail art has been around for a long time, but it still has a lot of fringe and glamour. However, those who know a little about nail art can see that it’s not as far behind as it may seem. There are many more options now than just a decade ago, and more are available every day. The good news is that the possibilities are endless because you can do anything with a nail.

Long Square Spring Flower Nails Design with Pink Glitter and Rhinestones
Credit: Instagram@hnnailsbyhoney

9. Sparkle Cuffs and Daisies Spring Nails Design

Spring is in the air, flowers bloom, and flowery nail art is everywhere. From pastel polishes to bold neon colors and sparkling embellishments, we’re seeing a ton of spring nails in all their glory. So, whether you’re a DIY novice or a pro at nail art, these nail ideas are sure to inspire you to create some of your own.

Medium Square Sparkle Cuffs and Daisies Spring Nails Design with Glitter
Credit: Instagram@rachelsbeauty_

10. Pretty Pink Flowering Stiletto Spring Nail Design

Spring is finally here, and it’s so exciting to see the floral designs that appear on our nails. This year, we’re bringing you one of the Pink Spring Nail Designs of Spring. When looking for a new nail design, the first thing you should do is notice the actual colors and patterns. If you want to bring great spring colors to your nails, you can use pretty pink and blue hues.

Long stiletto pink spring nails with two accent flower nails design - Floral Spring Nail Designs
Credit: Instagram@puro.nails

11. Cute Spring Nail Designs with Floral Nail Art

Indeed, we all love flower nails with pastel nail colors and feel delighted once we see such nail designs. So, we invite you to try flower spring nail designs if you have not tried them before.

Long almond shaped spring flower nails with purple base color
Credit: Instagram@pati__nailart
Long coffin matte purple and pink spring ombre nails with floral nail art and rhinestones
Credit: Instagram@vo.tino

12. Pastel Green, Yellow, and Butterfly Nail Art

If you’re looking for a subtle change in color, try a pastel green and yellow. Indeed, it’s perfect for spring, and the light color will make you feel more energized. You can also add gold foil to your nails for a festive look. In addition to foil, consider using the attractive butterfly nail art.

Pastel Green, Yellow, and Butterfly Nail Art with Gold Foil and Butterfly Nail Art
Credit: Instagram@marcipazur

13. Pastel Yellow with Spring Floral Nail Art

For a less expensive spring manicure, you can go for a pastel yellow shade. Still, the official colors of spring are yellow, pink, and blue, so a pastel yellow manicure is a nice choice for spring events. To add more fun to your manicure, you can paint magnolia branches or flowers onto your nude base color nails.

Long Almond Pastel Yellow with Spring Floral Nail Art On Nude Nails
Credit: Instagram@artdecom

14. Fluttering Butterfly Spring Nail Designs

Pinks and purples have long been popular, but bold pinks and blues are now hot. For a unique spring nail design, you can also opt for a butterfly nail design like this below. Whatever your style, rhinestones add a bit of excitement. Here are some butterfly spring nail designs you will love to try. Whether you’re looking for something bold or delicate, pastel nails are sure to please your senses and your wallet!

Long Stiletto Fluttering Pink and Blue Butterfly Spring Nail Design with Rhinestones
Credit: Instagram@vo.tino
Long Coffin Pink and Purple Rain Nails with Butterfly Nail Art Design for Spring Time
Credit: Instagram@vo.tino

15. Easter Ombre Spring Nail Design

An ombre design can make a nail look both elegant and practical. This style features a base of light pink that fades into a contrasting shade of light pink and light blue like the nail art design below. In addition to the pastel shades of spring, this design can also be made to look funky and suits Easter too!

Matte Easter Ombre Spring Nail Design with Flowers and Bunny
Credit: Instagram@nailsbyvickyt

16. Matte Multicolor Ombre Spring Acrylic Nails

Indeed, the matte multicolored ombre design is perfect for vacations or getaways. It’s a fun way to wear different colors of nail polish on your spring nails and still look fabulous. The ombre effect is often made to start vertically and fade to the other side. This style looks particularly great when combined with floral nail art like the design below.

Matte Light Pink, Purple, Blue, and Mint Green Ombre Spring Acrylic Nails with Flowers
Credit: Instagram@nailsbyvickyt

17. Daisy Spring Nail Designs

For a simple yet memorable design, try a daisy pattern. Besides, pink shades are always a good choice for trendy spring nails. So, if you want to give your almond nails an extra special look, consider applying a shimmer pink coating combined with a daisy pattern accent.

Long Almond Shaped Shimmer Pink Nails with Floral Accents
Credit: Instagram@nailsby_jukus

Another daisy spring transition nail art on short dark green nails that is really worth trying. Even simple daisy spring nails can be jazzed up with a perfect base color.

Daisy spring transition nail art on short dark green nails
Credit: Instagram@madisoneley

18. Spring Short Easter Nails Design

Spring Short Yellow and Pink Easter Nails Design with A Bunny
Credit: Instagram@semilac

19. Long Coffin Colorful Spring Nails with Glitter

Long Coffin Colorful Spring Nails with Glitter and Rhinestones
Credit: Instagram@nailsby.jaden

20. Matte Mint Green and Yellow Easter Egg Nails

Long Almond Shaped Matte Mint Green and Yellow Easter Egg Nails 2022
Credit: Instagram@ross_nails_roza

21. Pretty Long Nude Color Nails with Colorful Flowers

For lovers of long nails, this design will blow your mind as soon as you see it. Of course, flower nails are one of the most beautiful spring choices that you can wear.

Pretty Long Nude Color Nails with Colorful Flowers and Rhinestones for Spring Season
Credit: Instagram@larreguinails

22. Girly Floral and Swirl Nail Art Design

One of the hottest trends this spring is to combine florals with swirls. Of course, these long nail designs create a beautiful color palette and look great on both pale and dark skin tones. Also, one of the most popular spring nail design features pink and white flowers with rhinestones. So, try this nail art design on a date or at a party. You’ll feel like a spring bride!

Girly Coffin Floral and Swirl Nail Art Design with Rhinestones - Long Nail Designs 2022
Credit: Instagram@johnhnguyen94

23. Long Floral Spring Nail Designs

Indeed, floral long nail designs can be fun, colorful, and unique. In addition, the latest trend for spring nail designs is the use of pastel colors. So, try a pretty lavender nail design with sparkly glitter and rhinestones to make your nails sparkle. Also, you can paint your nails in a variety of colors, or use French tips.

Lilac ombre spring nails with white flowers

Matte lavender long spring nails with white flowers, rhinestones, and glitter
Credit: Instagram@johnhnguyen94

Pastel multicolored floral long spring nails

Pastel multicolored floral long spring nails - Long nail designs 2022
Credit: Instagram@larreguinails

Of course, you can add a splash of spring color to your nails with different nail designs. Besides, their colors are perfect for women who love pastels and bright colors. Also, you can add subtle glitter to your spring nail designs. So, it’s time to choose your favorite design and start recreating it yourself right now!

24. Ombre Paste Spring Nails

Pastel nails are always a great idea for the spring season. And this nail design features a set of cute pastel spring colors in an ombre style. Also, the cute mini flowers add a cute springy touch.

Long square-shaped ombre pastel spring nails 2023 with flowers on two accent nails
Credit: Instagram@amanda.sudolll

25. Pink, White, and Purple Floral Spring Nails

Indeed, floral nail art is a great style for springtime! So, you can use some spring nail colors such as pink, white, black, and purple to create your own design. Also, you can use a floral nail stencil to achieve this look easily at home.

Long almond-shaped pink, white, and purple floral spring nail design 2023 with two pink French accent nails
Credit: Instagram@the_gelbottle_inc

26. Nude Nails with Spring Roses

If you are looking for a simple nail design to wear in springtime then these nude nails with colorful spring roses could be your perfect choice. Also, you can apply these roses at home using nail stencils and your favorite spring nail colors.

Medium almond-shaped nude nails 2023 with spring roses
Credit: Instagram@rachelsbeauty_

27. Purple to Pink Easter Nails

Indeed, purple to Light pink nails with an adorable bunny design is adorable. So, if you are a fan of purple and pink nails then this simple nail idea with leaf nail art is worth a try this, Easter.

Long almond purple to pink easter nails with an adorable bunny design and leaf nail art on two accent nails
Credit: Instagram@hybrydynka_

28. Nude Nails with Red Flowers and Olive Green Leaves

Natural elegance meets romantic allure in this breathtaking nail design. Start with long almond-shaped nude nails, which provide a classic and sophisticated base. To add a splash of color and femininity, adorn two accent nails with a glossy red polish. These standout nails will catch everyone’s attention.

Long almond-shaped nude nails adorned with red flowers with olive green leaves, and two accent glossy red nails
Credit: Instagram@sylwia.ka_1982

29. Matte Pink, Blue, and Yellow Nails with Swirling Accents

Spring is all about embracing color, and this nail design does just that. Begin with almond-shaped nails painted in a matte finish, using a combination of pink, blue, and yellow shades. These pastel hues exude a soft and playful vibe, perfectly capturing the essence of the season.

Matte almond-shaped pink blue and yellow nails with two accent nude nails adorned with pink blue and yellow swirls
Credit: Instagram@pegi_nails

To Conclude

Finally, embrace the spirit of spring and let your nails bloom with these stunning spring nail designs. Get ready to welcome the season with open arms and fabulous fingertips.

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