27 Cute Spring/Summer Pastel Multicolor Nail Ideas for Inspiration

Just like the seasons, fashion will keep on changing, yet will still return as expected. Since you’re reading this, it might be safe if we assume that you are one of the fashion and beauty geeks. Who keeps on searching for the latest fashion and beauty trends especially, spring multicolor nails.

Indeed, nothing is greater than a new manicure, especially when spring comes with an up to date pastel colors. Though it is well-known and used by women before, still today, fresh pastel colors are still well-liked by many people.

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27 Cute Spring Pastel Multicolor Nails for Inspiration

As you know that springtime comes together with Easter time. So, it calls for a beautiful beginning as well as fulfilled days, and the fresh new shades are the exact representation of it. Though pale pinks have a place forever every year. Therefore, why don’t you try a fresh spring nail design, which is a bit more unexpected? Well, good news because, along with the season’s runways, any social media is brimming with it.

There are a lot of ideas to choose from, scroll down for the list of the top and trending spring nail ideas that you must try. Now check out these Cute Spring Pastel Multi-colored Nails! These will be everywhere this year!

1. Pastel Coffin Multicolor Nails

One of the most popular trends today is the multicolor pastel coffin nails. So, you can easily paint your nails with this. In addition, these elegant and bright multi-colored nails are the best choice for summer festivals and spring. Of course, the style is very much suited for all occasions.

Pastel multi colored coffin nails long for spring 2020, multicolor nails, long coffin spring nails
Credit: Instagram@kokoandclaire
Cute pastel multicolor coffin acrylic nails with multicolor polka dots accent nail for spring 2020, multicolor nails
Credit: Instagram@jingnails
Pastel multi colored coffin nails with accent holo nail adorned with rhinestones for spring 2020, multicolor nails
Image Credit: Instagram@zsika1208
Cute multi colored pastel acrylic nails coffin shaped set, multicolor nails, coffin spring nails
Credit: Instagram@havennails_beautyspa
Cute pastel multi colored coffin nails 2020, coffin multicolor nails, spring nails
Credit: Instagram@_claudianails__

2. Short Pastel Multi Colored Nails

Do you want something pretty and fun on your nails? Then you might end up with a pastel color to lighten your toes and fingers with the creamy hues of a rainbow. Also, you can increase the design’s beauty by adding some glitter or chrome accents. So, be brave and try to recreate these designs below by yourself.

Cute short Pastel Coloured Nails With Glitter accent nail for spring days, multicolor nails, spring nails
Credit: Instagram@zsika1208
pastel multicolored acrylic nails short for spring 2020, short multicolor nails
Credit: Instagram@nails_to_go14
pastel multicolored nails with accent butterfly acrylic clear nail, chrome multicolor nails
Image Credit: Instagram@nailsby_niidiia
Cute pastel multicolored acrylic nails short, multicolor nails
Credit: Instagram@kalcit22

3. Multicolor French Manicure with Pastel Tips

Still, think that a French manicure has only one color, well no. As you can see below you can paint your nails with dark and bold colors to make your nail polish stand out.

Almond shaped pastel multicolor acrylic French nails tips with gold glitter for spring 2020, multicolor nails
Credit: Instagram@s.m_nailz
Pastel multi color french nails coffin shaped long for spring 2020, multicolor nails, French spring nails
Image Credit: Instagram@arlene.nailz.it
Cute multi color french tip nails coffin shaped for spring time, French multicolor nails, French spring nails
Credit: Instagram@nailartmakeupmimica

4. Matte Pastel Acrylic Multicolor Nails

Of course, Matte pastel in multicolor will be just amazing for nails. Besides, you’ll surely be comfortable to wear all the time. Additionally, you can use rhinestones or a flower stamper to amp up your nail art design.

spring matte multi color nails short, multicolor nails, short spring nails
Credit: Instagram@fashionistas_project
Spring multi matte color nails design almond shaped with crystals, multicolor nails, spring nails
Credit: Instagram@jula.maluje
short matte multi color nails for spring 2020, short multicolor nails, spring nails
Image Credit: Instagram@teonachachua
Gorgeous matte pastel multi color coffin acrylic nails with rhinestones, multicolor nails, spring nails
Credit: Instagram@sxccosmetics
Cute pastel matte multicolor nails 2020, coffin multicolor nails, spring nails
Image Credit: Instagram@nails_cv_ua
Cute matte pastel multi colored coffin nails 2020 with floral stamping design, floral multicolor nails, spring nails
Credit: Instagram@tracynailz
Cute long matte pastel multicolor squared acrylic nails 2020, long multicolor nails, spring nails
Credit: Instagram@femi.beauty

5. Multicolor Pastel Acrylic Nails Almond Shaped

Other simple spring nail hues for acrylic nails are perfect for short, almond, coffin, long, and for fake nail shapes! Whether you wear the glossy or matte style you will have a stylish look.

Pastel multi colored almond nails for spring 2020, multicolor nails, spring nails
Credit: Instagram@jula.maluje
Spring pastel matte multi colored almond nails long shaped, matte multicolor nails, spring nails
Image Credit: Instagram@indigo_nails_lab_uk_onlineshop
Gorgeous pastel multi colored almond nails design for spring 2020, multicolor nails, spring nails
Credit: Instagram@indigo_nails_lab_uk_onlineshop
Cute multicolor nails almond shaped for lovely spring look, glossy multicolor nails, spring nails
Credit: Instagram@olcixixnails

6. Pastel Acrylic Multicolor Nails Stiletto Shaped

Of course, these nail art designs will perfectly fit with matte and glossy hues as you see below. If you can’t decide on a single shade, then a muted rainbow will always be a winner.

Cute matte multi colored acrylic stiletto nails for spring 2020, multicolor nails, spring nails
Credit: Instagram@the_gelbottle_inc
Cute pastel Multicolor stiletto nails design, multicolor nails, spring nails
Credit: Instagram@nailsbychookchook

7. Pastel Squared Multicolor Nails Ideas

At last, square nail art designs are so attractive and easy nail shape for filing. Furthermore, whether your square nails are short or long you will be an eye-catching lady, especially when using pastel nail polishes. So, it’s time to wear these unique nails.

Cute pastel multicolored acrylic square nails long with flakie nail polish, multicolor nails
Credit: Instagram@lucileilaf
Cute Square Multicolor Nails Design with A French Twist
Credit: Instagram@domprzezduze_d

8. Pastel Neon Multicolor Nails

If you have ever wanted to try pastel nail color, then these pastel neon multicolored nails are for you. Pastel nail colors are a pale shade of color, less saturated than primary colors. Indeed, they are light and calming, perfect for a fresh, youthful manicure.

Long Almond Shaped Pastel Neon Multicolor Nails 2022
Credit: Instagram@amanda.sudolll

9. Pretty Pastel Multicolor Nails

Indeed, pastel colors especially multicolor spring nail art designs are the perfect choice to feel spring vibes. But, if you are searching for a different and unique nail art design then try these pretty pastels over nude base color.

Long almond-shaped pastel multicolor nails 2023 over nude base color
Credit: Instagram@disseynails

10. Matte Ombre Multi Color Nails with Floral and Swirl Nail Art

If you are looking for a stunning multi color nail design then these matte ombre nails are for you. The design features a set of stunning colors with a subtle look because of the floral nail art. Also, the swirl nail art on each nail makes this design so pretty.

Long Square Shaped Matte Ombre Multi Color Nails with Floral and Swirl Nail Art
Credit: Instagram@lushnailssalon

To Conclude

Indeed, there is a varied beautiful quality in pastels. To name some, we have sky blues and lilacs. Which are expected to be strong for this year. But then you may get yourself ready for different nail art designs. Which are for pure fun. Additionally, think of brilliant rainbow colors, a frisky take for your floral nails. As well as quirky patterns just like clouds and the cow print, yes, those amazing and unexpected designs. Of course, choosing one of these ideas will be perfect for the season.

If you are a minimalist, no worries because there are also a number of designs for you. A French manicure is a popular design too. So, if you like, you can have your nails painted with this at home. In addition, we also have the easiest design for your nail – the gradient nails.

At last, those listed above are just some of the nail trends perfect for the season. Hurry! Wear the best shades for your nails today!

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