10 Cute and Scary Skull Nails Ideas for Halloween 2022

10 Cute and Scary Skull Nails Ideas for Halloween 2022

Halloween is a popular holiday celebrated in the western world where kids dress up in costumes, and masks, and collect candy. It’s particularly popular in countries with English-speaking populations, such as the USA and Australia too. So, the trendy look of skull nails is sure to be a hit with Halloween costume lovers. Teenage girls … Read more

12 Stunning Multi Colored Nails to Try This Season

Long Almond Shaped Pastel Multi colored Nails with Rainbow Colors and Silver Glitter Lines

Let’s talk about multi colored nails! Though nails have been used since ancient times, their popularity grew in modern times. Today, we use them for expressing our moods, making a statement, or even for the sake of our body beautification. So, we all know that we can create different kinds of nails, and we can … Read more

31 Best Spring Nails to Inspire Your Next Manicure

Long Coffin matte pink French tip nails with hand painted black butterflies with pink glitter design - Spring Nail Designs

Nail art is no ordinary decoration for your nails. They are part of your personality, and you can opt for some fabulous spring nail designs. The primrose and the cherry blossom are among the most beautiful spring nail ideas. The primroses are colorful and cheerful, while the cherry blossoms are beautiful. Spring is when we … Read more