6 Best Ways to Strengthen Nails Perfectly

While there are an extensive array of products available that claim to add strength and nutrients to weak and fragile fingernails, there are much simpler ways to strengthen nails and obtain long natural nails. While we use our nails daily, and it is not rare to have the odd chip or breakage on a fingernail, if you find your nails are constantly frail and break often, your body is missing vital nutrients fingernails need to keep strong and healthy.

Best Ways to Strengthen Nails Perfectly
Best Ways to Strengthen Nails Perfectly

How to Strengthen Nails?

1. Apply Serum

How to strengthen nails’ a home remedy to consider is to use a serum. You can use nail serums and nail strengthening treatments to fight the issue with moderate success. But, constant nail breakage is often an indication that your body requires a boost in its diet. Nails gain their strength from the body’s iron supply; therefore, weak nails show you are not eating food rich in iron.

How to Strengthen Nails Tips - Apply Nail Serum
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Iron is naturally found in various meat products, like veal, chicken, or beef. Certain cuts of meat, like beef liver, have higher concentrations of iron. If you don’t eat meat too often, worry no more. There are lots of food, which will allow you to increase your iron intake without resorting to supplements naturally. Lentils, tofu, beans, spinach, and whole grains are only a few of the sources you can nibble on to add much-needed iron to your body and obtain long natural nails.

2. Essential Vitamins

Vitamin D and calcium are also great for nails. The most popular source of calcium is dairy products, yogurt, cheese as well as milk.

3. Soak in a Lime Juice

Soak in a Lime Juice
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This is one of the best home remedies available to obtain long natural nails. Not just will it eliminate discoloration from fingernails, but it also adds a glossy shine. Once dryness is an issue, olive oil is a long-time champion for increasing hydration, while a soak in mustard oil will boost the circulation of nails.

4. Keep Away from using Gel or Acrylic Nails

While these are considered a simple alternative for people who have an issue growing their nails, the daily application can cause the nails to peel which weakens them. If you should get them, avoid wearing them constantly. Exposure to UV light needed for gel polish has been known as a risk factor for cancer, even if exposure is far from what you acquire with a UV tanning tool. Too much exposure also ages your skin, which supports a healthy long nail.

5. Lessen Exposure to Water

Excessive soaking in water can weaken the nails and becomes brittle as well. So, wear gloves each time you wash the dishes and make sure to keep your hands out of the water when taking a bath. It is impossible always to keep away from submerging your hands, but you need to be mindful of this.

6. Keep Hydrated

Keep Hydrated one of the best ways to strengthen nails perfectly
Keep Hydrated!

Drinking lots of water is vital for well-being in general and nail health as well. Without enough moisture, your nails can become fragile and brittle and peel easily. Drinking eight glasses of water every day helps in retaining moisture and keep strong.

To Conclude

Like other body parts, nails don’t require lots of fancy ingredients to stay healthy and strong. A well-balanced diet, as well as healthy eating habits, is the most excellent long-term solution for long natural nails. Besides, some nutrients to consider include protein, zinc, calcium, and vitamin A.

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