Daily Charme Unichrome/Aurora Unicorn Chrome Powder

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Everybody would want their nails to look nothing but bright, vibrant, and wonderful. Nail polish could work, and maybe you could be creative with it and put a design or two—or more—but one of the most recommended ways to add the ultimate flare to your nails is by applying Daily Charme unicorn chrome nail powder onto it.

Choosing the right and perfect chrome nail powder may be a bit difficult, as there are so many products available in the market. But not every product is as promising as it claims to be. However, the Aurora Unicorn Chrome Powder is different from the rest.

Daily Charme Unichrome/Aurora Unicorn Chrome Powder
Daily Charme Unichrome/Aurora Unicorn Chrome Powder

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Indeed, this chrome nail powder is sure to bring more life to your nails, making them look the most fashionable that they could ever be. At a good price, these chrome powder coat provides the best style for your nails.

Why the Unichrome / Aurora Unicorn Chrome nail Powder is Worth Its Price

Cute almond-shaped unicorn chrome nails 2021 with Daily Charmed Unichrome Aurora
Cute almond-shaped unicorn chrome nails!

The product promises nothing but beauty to your nails. True to its words, the Aurora Unicorn Chrome Powder is able to give your nails an extra, fashionable accent that would make them more outstanding than the rest. Besides, it lets your nails’ colors shine more than you would expect them to.

Once you purchase even just a single order of this product, you would find yourself loving it and start to try out more of its colors. Additionally, the customer reviews are sure to be a testament to that. As every person who ordered the chrome nail powder loved it. More than any other products that they have tried.

Pretty unicorn coffin shaped nails achieved with daily charme Unichrome/Aurora chrome powder coat
Credit: Instagram@queennailsottawa

Other Designs that Would Look Well with the Aurora Unicorn Chrome Powder

Stiletto pink nails with Daily Charme Unichrome chrome powder coat and Swarovski crystals design!
Credit: Instagram@nailedbylolo

Sure, the Aurora Unicorn Chrome nail Powder looks fine and would work best with any kind of gel polish you had applied prior. But you can be as creative as you want to be with this product and try other nail accessories to pair with it, as well.

So, people who have added this chrome nail coat to their cart had also checked out items such as round flatback rhinestones. Along with small pyramid golds and necklace dangles in the gold color, too.

 How to Apply the Aurora Unicorn Chrome Nail Powder?

  • Spread the base coat on your nails, then apply your chosen color.
  • Put one layer of the non-wipe gel topcoats and cure.
  • With a silicone brush, carefully and thinly polish the pigment onto the surface of your nail.
  • Brush off any extra powders.
  • Optional: Spread a layer of hard gel thinly so that the chipping of nails could be prevented.
  • Finish with a top coat.
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