New Cote Nail Polish Colors for Cute Fall Manicures

Let’s be honest! Searching for a fall manicure is easy as there is a wide selection of options to look into. But the great number of products for cute fall nails might be confusing to handle. This is where Cote nail polish can come into play. Serving the industry for years now, Côte is committed to providing the highest quality fall manicures available at the most competitive rate. Whether you want to enjoy cute fall nails or cut down costs, Côte got you covered. No. 107 and No. 126 are a few of its bestsellers. But are they worth it? Read on for more details!

New Cote Nail Polish Colors for Cute Fall Manicures
Credit: @coteshop

1. Cote Nail Polish No. 107 – Give Your Fall Nails a Glittery Touch

Fine-flake gold glitter fall manicure No. 107 by Côte for fall 2020
Credit: | No. 107 Nail Polish

Say bye to plain and dull manicures. Level up your experience with No. 107. Having fine-flake glitter, No. 107, can give your fall nails an edge and statement. But wear the right outfit to achieve your desired look. Made in the US, No. 107 is top-quality and made to the client’s satisfaction. The formula is not only free of toxins but also vegan-friendly.

Common ingredients include triphenyl phosphate, toluene, formaldehyde, camphor, dibutyl phthalate, and resin, making No. 107 one of the safest and cleanest nail polishes in today’s market. Every bottle also consists of sought-after brushes.

2. No. 126 – Livelier Hue For All

Warm molten chocolate brown fall manicure No. 126 by Côte for fall 2020
Credit: | No. 126 Nail Polish

A new addition to the polish collection, Côte No. 126 can complete your kit. A molten chocolate brown, No. 126 can give life to your fall nail design. As a cocoa-colored hue, No. 126 is an excellent addition to your neutrals collection.

Like No. 107, the nail polish is vegan-friendly and free of toxic chemicals. Every bottle only consists of resin, formaldehyde, camphor, and other safest components, making it suitable for those who have sensitive skin.

People love No. 126 because it is competitively priced and won’t break the bank. So, what are you waiting for? Add any of these items to the cart and enjoy cute fall nails. For more fall nail polish colors check out this post”ORLY Desert Muse Nail Polish Collection” and enjoy!

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