Amazing Grey Nails Ideas for Inspiration

Undoubtedly grey color is so noticeable in the bright nail colors world especially in autumn and winter times where you feel it matches the rainy clouds. So, it’s an amazing nail color choice to wear cute fall nails these days. Therefore, we searched Instagram’s world to bring you the best grey nails ideas that will act as a fabulous inspiration for you.

Indeed, Different ideas, shades, styles, nail length, and shapes of grey nails you will find here. So, whatever your taste you will find what suits your personality and skin tone to get the best fall manicure that boosts your entire appearance, just keep scrolling!

Cute Long coffin grey nails with shimmer ombre grey and pink nails and rhinestones
Credit: Instagram@lizaliwi

1. Autumn Leaf Grey Nails Idea

Cute two different almond shaped matte grey nails 2020 shades design with two accent grey leaf nails
Credit: @gosia_slowianka.wroclaw

This is a stunning two different matte grey nail shades design with two accent grey leaf nails. So, go for these matte grey nails almond-shaped to boost your elegance and you will never regret them.

2. Stunning Long Medium Grey Almond Nails Idea

Long grey nails 2020 almond shaped with some black lines, silver strips and black rhinestones on two accent nails!
Credit: @puro.nails

If you are one of the long nails fans then these long grey nails will take your attention and you will love to try them now. Of course, these long grey almond nails with some black lines are eye-catchy. Besides, the silver stripes and black rhinestones are really cute. At last, this nail art design is worth giving a try in your next manicure.

3. Short Pink and Grey Nails Dark Shade Idea

Short square nails 2020 consist of dark grey nails and light pink nails!
Credit: @nails_irinamarten

Still, short square nails are so chic and suit many people especially those who love to feel more comfortable and need to wear handy cute nail designs. So, if you are one of those then you probably get inspired with this color combination between dark grey nails and light pink nails is one of them has a great black striped lines design that contains white, purple, pink, and dark grey colors combination.

4. Short Matte Pink and Gray Nails Idea

Short matte nails 2020 consist of light matte grey nails with bright accent matte pink nails design!
Credit: @nails_irinamarten | Short Matte Pink and Gray Nails

If you like matte nails then this amazing combination of light matte grey nails with two bright accent matte pink nails that are adorned with a black leaf will catch your eyes. So, go for this matte nail art design to boost your entire look and mood!

5. Grey Stiletto Nails Design

Shimmer grey stiletto nails design with rhinestones, and stunning hand painted flower nails tips on two accent nails
Credit: @alinahoyonailartist

Indeed, all women love flower nails also grey shades, so the above masterpiece every girl wants to try. Additionally, this grey stiletto nail design uses shimmer grey nail polish shade, rhinestones, and stunning hand-painted flower nail tips on two accent nails.

6. Grey Nails with Animal Print Nail Art Ideas

Matte grey nails square shaped with two accent cheetah nails design!
Glossy grey nails coffin shaped with cheetah animal print and accent black nail design!

Of course, when your eyes glance at animal print nails staring a while because this nail art design is so attractive. Moreover when the animal print nails when blended with grey nails then the result is a masterpiece as you see above.

7. Matte grey and pink nails Ideas

Of course, matte grey nails are so elegant and attractive, and when blended with pink shades the nail art design turns out as a masterpiece of the square, almond, or even stiletto-shaped nails. So, check out the ideas below and enjoy!

Cute almond matte grey nails 2021 with black dots, gold glitter and rhinestones
Matte grey and pink almond shaped nails with silver glitter design!
Credit: Instagram@matuszewsk.a
Dark matte grey nails with matte pink nails adorned with rhinestones design!
Grey stiletto nails adorned with rhinestones, with shimmery pink nails!
Cute coffin shaped matte grey and pink nails between pink marble nails and pink glitter nails!
Different grey nail shades between glitter, light, and dark floral grey nails with accent matte pink nail with rhinestones!
matte grey nails 2021 and pink with striped and leaf nail art!
Credit: Instagram@sandragiera

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