How to Clean Under Nails Tips

In fact, we all get annoyed while using something like utensils or a pen and look at dirty fingernails that have some dirt under the nail tips. And the first idea that comes to your mind is using scissors to clean grime under nails. But what about other ways to clean under nails which, could give you more proper and fast cleaning?

Don’t care about where the dirt comes from, and keep reading to know the best steps to clean under nail tips to get a good nail appearance and good health.

How to Clean Under Nails Tips
How to Clean Under Nails Tips

Using Orange Stick for Nails, Soaking, and Brushing

This slender stick with a rounded tip is one of the best tools you can use to clean dirty fingernails. Carefully use this way while your nails are dry and not moist, to ease removing dirt under nails. Then, do a gentle cleanser with mild soap and warm water for nails and hands thoroughly.

The last step is soaking nails in a bowl of warm soapy water for 3 minutes. Then using a nail brush gently over your nails for good scrubbing, after, drying your hands apply your favorite moisturizer.

More Ways to Clean Under Nails

More Ways for Nails Charm
More Ways for Nails Charm

We all love to have clean, and good-looking nails, so, try the simple hacks below to maintain healthy nails :

1. Toothpaste for cleaning and whitening

Add a good amount of toothpaste over your nail brush. Then, start rubbing your nails gently to remove stains, after that, start scrubbing under your nails to remove dirt and clean them. Let your nails as it is with toothpaste for about 3 minutes to ensure nail whitening occurs, then wash your hands and fingernails.

2. Lemon juice for whitening yellow nails

Soaking your fingernails in a bowl of warm water and squeezing two lemons for five to ten minutes is a good way to whiten yellowish nails. After that rinse your hands thoroughly with fresh water.

3. Baking soda paste for cleaning and whitening

It’s another way besides toothpaste that can be easily used at home, just bring a bowl of some little water and start applying soda over water to create a thick paste.

Properly, let the soda paste get into your under nails and wait for five minutes. Then wash your nails with warm water. Don’t forget to clean your hands properly with mild soap and apply a hand moisturizer.

How to Clean Under Nails Naturally
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At last, don’t let dirty fingernails ruin the charm and beauty of your hands. And always clean your under nails by giving the above nail tips and hacks a try.

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