The Best Nail Care Tips and Tricks

Just like taking care of your skin, taking care of your nails is also essential for your health. Some use manicures to protect their nails. Well, you must take note that nail care must be done daily. If you want to preserve the health and beauty of your nails, you can consider the best nail care tips and tricks below. You can try these tips easily at home.

Useful Nail Care Tips and Tricks, You Can Try Easily At Home

Useful Nail Care Tips and Tricks, You Can Try Easily At Home
Useful Nail Care Tips and Tricks, You Can Try Easily At Home

1. Keep your fingernails clean and dry

Formation of bacteria and germs may occur if you keep your fingernails dirty. If you want to avoid problems, you must be responsible for maintaining your nails clean and dry. You must regularly clean your nails at home and anywhere with water and dry them after.

2. Maintain proper hygiene

It is important to keep your nail tools clean and sanitized. You also need to clean your nails regularly. Don’t grow your nails too long, so they can’t easily accumulate dirt. It is also a good idea to use natural disinfectants for your nails, such as tea tree oil for germ protection.

3. Trim your nail regularly

Trimming your nail frequently is beneficial for their health. You can cut your nails neatly with a nail cutter.

Best nail care tips: Keep your fingernails clean and dry also keep your nail tools clean and sanitized!
Keep your fingernails clean and dry!

4. Don’t bite your nails

Don’t bite your nails since it can lead to damage. The contact with your saliva can make your nails brittle and weak. Furthermore, it can also harm your cuticles. Biting your nails may give them a pathetic appearance. Additionally, the germs and dirt from your fingers can be transferred to your mouth.

5. Using moisturizer

Same as your skin, flakiness, and dryness are also bad for your nails. Nails can break off easily since they are very delicate. With this, you can use a moisturizer to keep them healthy. You can use cuticle creams or moisturizing oils that can make your nails shiny and strong.

Long Natural Nails - The Best Nail Care Tips and Tricks
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6. Eat healthily

You may not know it, but eating habits can also affect the health of your nails. With that, you must eat well to prevent nail problems. Calcium deficiency can make your nails brittle. So, you must eat food rich in calcium. You must also eat food rich in vitamin D, protein, vitamin E, magnesium, iron, and zinc for healthier nails.

7. Stay away from acetone

Acetone is harsh and can damage your skin and nails. You must use acetone-free nail polish remover. Thus, acetone can make your nails prone to damage.

Best nail care tips: Don’t bite your nails, Using moisturizer, Eat healthily
Don’t bite your nails!

8. Use cuticle softener to prevent brittleness

Another effective nail care tip is to use nourishing treatments like cuticle softeners. To keep your nails healthy and strong, you can soak them in saltwater for a few minutes.

9. Stay away from water-based manicures

You must stop using water-based manicures. Thus, the nail polish can chip faster. You can prefer an oil-based manicure.

10. Use gloves for protection

If you want to protect your nails, you can use gloves when doing household chores. Keeping your nails healthy and strong is a good investment for your health.


Do you want to keep your nails healthy? Then, you can apply the best nail care tips mentioned above. With this, you can be confident with your beautiful and strong nails.

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